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We Need a New Rhyme!

I'm sure you've all heard the old saw, "Buyers are Liars, and Sellers are Yellers."

My question today is, Why do we disparage our clients and potential clients like that?

I think Realtors as a whole have somewhat of a bum reputation in the eyes of the public.  And, of course, it's just a few rotten apples that make that happen.  The vast majority of us are hard-working, knowledgeable professionals.  So why do I hear so many of my peers, even in jest, use the old liars/yellers phrase?Buyers are Liars

I like to think that my buyers are not liars.  They may be unsure how the real estate market works.  They may be looking at their own finances through rose colored glasses.  They may be embarrassed when they realize they are over-reaching (and never call us back).  But except for the extremely rare case of a fraudulent buyer, the buyers we meet on a daily basis are not liars -- they just need some educating.  And isn't that part of our job?

Sometimes sellers can be yellers.  Buying or selling a house is high up on the list of stress-producing life events.  Stress can make our emotions bubble to the surface, and cause us to react in ways we normally wouldn't.  A contract fell through because a buyer manipulated a home inspection?  I expect my seller to yell!  And I'll hear him out until he is done, and then give him some plans on how to move forward.

So I'm going with, "Buyers have Desires, and Sellers . . ."  Well, I'm not going to finish that one.  First off, I'm a much better Realtor than poet.  And have you ever tried to come up with a rhyme for "sellers"???  Sheesh!  Fellers, tellers, propellers -- nothing seems to fit!  So while it doesn't rhyme, perhaps I'll just say:

I love my clients because they are the reason I earn a living doing a job I love!

Not very poetic -- but it sure sums it up!

 Richard Strahm is an award winning Realtor specializing in the North Penn areas of Montgomery County -- Lansdale, Upper Gwynedd, North Wales, Towamencin, Hatfield -- and beyond!  Visit him at or call today at 215-853-2624 for a free and private consultation about all of your real estate needs.
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