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I Don't Get Skeeved Out . . . Often

I don't get skeeved out.  Well, not often.  It takes a lot to send that shiver of revulsion up my spine.

Now we all know that people keep their homes at different levels of cleanliness during the showing process.  And I might remind everyone, cleanliness sells!

So I'm showing a home this morning.  A smaller town home in a great neighborhood.  The kitchen has a space for a small table.  The owners have opted to use this space for an open kitty litter box.  I am not skeeved out yet.  Personally, I would never keep a kitty litter box in the same room where I prepare food or eat -- but like I said, I have a pretty high threshold for skeeviness.

So what did me in?  It wasn't a smelly litter box.  It didn't have mounds of "tootsie rolls" sitting in it.

What did me in was the pot rack above it.  Yes, the rack that held the owners cooking implements. And the kitty litter scooper.  Let me repeat that.

And the kitty litter scooper!

I shudder just looking at the picture.  That is revolting. 

Add another home to the list -- the list of homes I would never eat in!

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