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I'm not a bigot, but . . .

There are some of us in this industry that tend to prejudge prospective clients.  I hear comments like, "I hate dealing with <choose a group of people>.  Those deals never work out."  Or, "<Choose a group of people> will nickel and dime you to death - it's not even worth getting into a deal with them."  Perhaps prejudge was too soft of a term.  We (like every other profession) have bigots among us.

A few months ago I got an Internet lead.  When I called back, the person was very pleasant, but had a somewhat difficult accent to understand.  I always tell myself in that situation, "Well, she certainly speaks better English than I speak <choose a language>!"  A co-worker who overheard my difficulty commented after the call that he avoids <group of people> like the plague because they are nothing but a waste of his time.

Waste of time?  Here is what happened.

Based solely on what she was telling me, I thought that she was not a very motivated buyer - it sounded like she was just kicking some tires.  But I offered to take her out looking, and asked her to call a mortgage broker.

We went looking, and she casually mentioned that her parents were trying to sell their home, but hadn't had any luck in almost a year.  Their current agent's (the second one) listing was about to expire.  Would I be interested in the listing?

Transaction #1:  I listed and sold her parents home.

The original client then got more serious about a real estate transaction.  She asked me to list her home.

Transaction #2:  I listed and sold her home.

We are now closing in on the home of her dreams, which will shortly become Transaction #3.

Last Thursday, she mentioned that she had a friend who wanted to buy a home and asked me to call him.  I did, and he asked me to show him a home I had listed the next day.  After a few minutes in the house, he said, "Okay.  Let's put an offer in!"  Well, his wife talked him out of it - she wanted to see a few more choices.  We saw two others that evening.  They put a bid in on one - it was accepted today and I now have Transaction #4.

Although he had told me from the beginning that he didn't want to sell his existing home, he then told me he changed his mind and wanted me to sell his condo.  Transaction #5.

While he was in the office today initialing the final changes to his contract, he asked me to call a friend of his who wanted to buy a home quickly.  I did, and I am well on my way to Transaction #6.

I'm not sure why some of us prejudge clients based on trite stereotypes.  But if you don't want a client because you think they talk funny, or dress funny, or eat weird things or just act different I think I'll be more than happy to let you live in your small, bigoted world.  Because I'll be more than happy to expand my horizons, learn new things about different cultures and sell more houses!

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